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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is plateform to aware of your product to the people. It is most imporatant in this time according to todays business strategy. If you want to catch or target your customer then it's a very simple and wide option. SMO gives two opportunity 1. To aware own product to the people 2. It helps get effective rank on search engine.There some rules of SMO, according to one source, are as follows:1.Increase your linkability 2.Make tagging and bookmarking easy 3.Reward inbound links 4.Help your content to "travel" via sharing 5.Encourage the mashup, where users are allowed to remix content 6.Be a user resource, even if it doesn’t help you 7.Reward helpful and valuable users 8.Join the online conversation 9.Know how to target your audience 10.Create new, quality content ("web scraping" of existing online content is ignored by good search engines) 11.Be "real" in the tone and style of the posts 12.Don't forget your roots; be humble. 13.Don't be afraid to experiment


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