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Web Design and Development

You have seen different designs of the website. Whenever you visit a website, you look at the design of his website, read his content and see his decorations, all this depends on how he has been designing. Today we will talk about what is designing a website and how it is done, what qualification should be and what course should be done for this. If you have knowledge of computer then you will know a little bit of web design where it starts and how it is done. Making websites on the internet is like building a house, like buying a land before we buy a house, in the same way, before buying a website, we buy the hosting on which our website is built. We design the website, such as creating a map of a house and looking at that map, we look at the design of the website as we build the whole house a complete website is created and it is called web designing. Web designing has two parts 1.Front-end 2.Back-end.


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