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Virtual Reality

The meaning of "Virtual" in computer sense is "An environment which is not physically existing but made by software". As we are living in high technology world we are going with all new easy to use services and thing and 'Virtual Reality' is very latest entertainment thing for nowadays. It provides their users an dreamy world which take place within a simulated environment. It will convincing you to feel that you are a part of that dreamy world. Virtual Reality is giving right to their user to look around in that simulated environment. It is mainly going to use in projector, headset or multimedia environment.The effect is commonly created by VR headsets consisting of a head-mounted display with a small screen in front of the eyes, but can also be created through specially designed rooms with multiple large screens. VR systems that include transmission of vibrations and other sensations to the user through a game controller or other devices are known as haptic systems.

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